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Guide: How Long to Beat Paint the Town Red on PS4, PS5?

Paint the Town Red is out now on PS5 and PS4, but how long will it take to finish the brawler?

Paint the Town Red is not a great game, sadly, though it does have some good ideas behind it, namely, the roguelike Beneath game mode.

How long to beat the main game?

Paint the Town Red has a few scenarios that make up the main portion of the game. Each of these scenarios can be done in around 10 minutes. Not very long at all, then, and across all scenarios you’re looking at finishing in around 1 hour. You read that right. An hour.

However, the game encourages you to do it even quicker if you want to get its trophies. You also have the other game mode, Beneath, which offers a much longer experience. There’s also the Arena mode if you want to take on waves of enemies in a gladiator-style arena.

How long to beat Beneath in Paint the Town Red?

Beneath is a roguelike game mode so you don’t really beat it in the traditional sense. Instead, you go on “runs” and you fight to get as far through the levels and areas as you can before you eventually die. Rinse and repeat.

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You also have upgrades that you can buy which make each run a little easier. The idea is that this mode is to be played over and over again until your character is so strong that you’ll have no problems marching up to an Elder God and giving him a good slap around – that’s if you make it that far.

As mentioned in our review, the combat just isn’t good enough to carry the entire experience. But that’s just one person’s opinion. Maybe you’ll connect with it better than Stuart did. Who knows…

All I know is that you’re looking at around 10-15 hours to finish the scenarios and the Beneath game mode.

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