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Guide: How Long to Beat Samurai Warriors 5 on PS4, PS5?

Koei Tecmo and Omega Force’s hit Musou series is back with Samurai Warriors 5, but how long does it take to beat the game?

After hitting home shores in Japan first, Samurai Warriors 5 is now available here in the west. I’ve spent a long time playing the game and I’ve become slightly addicted to its simple but satisfying gameplay. I’m still some way off getting the game completely finished, mind you, as there’s a lot of stuff going on outside of the main campaign. How long it takes to beat Samurai Warriors 5 is dependant on how you play and what you spend your time doing in the Musou button masher.

How long is the campaign?

Samurai Warriors 5 has a lengthy campaign with dozens of battles to take part in. The story is actually split between both main characters, Nobunaga Oda and Mitsuhide Akechi.

At first, you have to play Nobunaga’s path but after a few chapters, you’re free to start playing the game via Mitsuhide’s path to see similar battles play out from a different perspective. I noted in my Samurai Warriors 5 review that this was a clever and natural way to increase the play time. Though, to be honest, it doesn’t really change how the game plays as you can take control of over 30 characters anyway, no matter which path you’re on.

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By the time I was finished with the campaign, I’d clocked in just over 27 hours according to the in-game timekeeper. It’s worth bearing in mind that not all of this time was spent on the campaign, and I did play about half of Nobunaga’s path on Easy Mode before switching to Normal.

By my estimation, the Samurai Warriors 5 story mode can be finished in between 15 and 25 hours, depending on what difficulty you play on.

Each mission can take anywhere between 10 minutes and half an hour. Playing on the Easy Mode will definitely see you close to the 10-minute mark while playing on Normal or higher will push you in the opposite direction.

How long to get the Platinum trophy?

You will have to work for that Platinum trophy in Samurai Warriors 5, I can tell you that much. I don’t think I’ll be getting it anytime soon, and to be completely honest, I can’t really put a time on it. It will take dozens of hours, though, of that I am very sure.

Your playtime will also be increased with the Citadel Mode, a tower-defence game that lets you play away from the main campaign. This is a really meaty offering with some good depth, though it could have been a lot deeper. Still, I was happy with it and I’ll be going back to it over the next few weeks. There’s just something very satisfying about smashing hundreds and thousands of enemies around.

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