Guide: How Long To Beat Song Of Horror?

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Protocol Games’ horrifying puzzle game, Song of Horror is out now on consoles, but how long is this intense survival game? How long will it take you to beat Song of Horror?

Song of Horror has a total of five episodes for you to wade your way through. If you are a puzzle whiz then you can expect to get through these levels easily. If you’re a little slow like me… this may take you an extra couple of hours.

How long is the story?

After weeks of being unable to get past Episode 4 due to game-breaking errors, I was finally able to beat the episode (and finish my Song of Horror review!) and make it all the way to the end with the recent version 1.01 update. Once I finally hit the finish line I had clocked a total of 6 hours and 30 minutes of playtime, and that isn’t including the number of times I had to start again. However, the amount of time it takes you may vary depending on the difficulty as well as how good you are at solving puzzles.

Possible Platinum and other trophies

Unlike other games which will have you hunting down every trophy just to get your hands on a juicy PlayStation Platinum, Song of Horror is not one of those games. Protocol Games will need you to play the game all over again on the H.P. Lovecraft difficulty, which is the hardest difficulty in the game. You unlock this once you have completed the game on any difficulty higher than E.T.A Hoffman so you can expect to get this platinum after another 6 hours.

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As for the other trophies which range from simply completing the episodes as certain characters, to replaying the game all over again without any characters dying or only completing the game as only Daniel this will probably tally your playtime to 20+ hours depending on how challenging you find it.

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