Guide: How Long to Complete Minute of Islands?

Minute of Islands is a gorgeous looking platformer that is definitely easy on the eyes. To find out how it plays you can go on over and check our review – but if you are wanting to know how long it takes to beat, you have come to the right place.

I managed to sit down and complete Minute of Islands in two sittings, totalling around 5 hours to complete the game. If there was an option to skip cutscenes or hurry things along I feel I could have definitely trimmed another hour off this time, as there are certain sections that trigger animations or scenes that really overstay their welcome.

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There was more than one occasion where something was highlighted in the game while Mo stood still, and although I had already worked out what was being pointed out I had to wait around while the game finished bashing me over the head with story before I could get on with it. This all works to help create a slow, chilled-out experience, but it did happen enough to warrant a mention here.

It’s an easy Platinum trophy

All that being said, I did manage to Platinum my playthrough as most collectables will be found easily as you make your way through the game, with each island telling you how many memories are still to find should you want to grab them before moving on. On that front, there was only one underground section made me really work for it, with some of the areas where memories were hiding hidden amongst the scenery.

So there you have it – Minute of Islands is a fairly short and sweet experience that shouldn’t offer you too much challenge if you want something to blast out in a couple of hours, but that isn’t really what this game is about. To find out more about it, head over to our review.

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