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Guide: How Long to Finish Spiritfarer and Get All Trophies?

A long, emotional journey awaits.

Spiritfarer is a relaxing and touching indie management simulator that you could easily drift slowly through if you wanted. However, how long would you be helping spirits to pass over? How long would it take to get all the trophies? Well, I found this out for you.

Spiritfarer from Thunder Lotus Games will have you reaching for your tissue box with its emotional story that you uncover while helping the countless spirits you meet, but how long will you be crying for? How long does it take to finish Spiritfarer and get its trophies?

How long is Spiritfarer?

Spiritfarer isn’t a game you will be rushing through. It takes time to get between places as you must travel to them on your boat and you might have to wait for a certain crop to grow to fulfil a spirit’s request. Due to these small barriers, it took me just under 22 hours to pass over all the Spirits and to fully complete Spiritfarer.

As I mentioned in my Spiritfarer review there will be two more spirits arriving later this year. This will mean that my playtime will most likely increase by an hour or two so I can fully fulfil the requests and stories of these characters.

How long to get all trophies? How long for the Platinum trophy?

Unlike other games which will have you getting all the trophies just to unlock a Platinum, this platinum is rewarded for collecting all the items in the game for Susan the Walrus who owns a museum. This will probably take you about 24 to 25 hours as you can collect all these items while completing the story of Spiritfarer.

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As for the other trophies, I would also say that it would take around 24 to 25 hours in total as many of these trophies are to do with the story. Others will have you fully upgrading spirits’ houses or collecting certain items which can be found around the map.

So that’s all there is to it. This looks like quite an enjoyable platinum to try and achieve over the usual stress of trophies. If you’re interested in learning more about Spiritfarer then why don’t you go and read our review.

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