Guide: How to Behead Anyone in Red Dead Redemption 2

Yep, you can get real dirty in Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2. Real. Damn. Dirty. 

If you’re intending to play the game with Arthur as an honourable rogue, you’re probably not going to be all that interested in this bit of Red Dead Redemption 2 coverage. But for those who want to see the worst of the wild west, you can’t get any worse than removing the head off a living person. Right?

Extreme gore hasn’t been seen in any Rockstar game for a long, long time. If I’m remembering correctly, Vice City (or was it only GTA III?) let you shoot the heads off of people with a sniper rifle. GTA IV did not allow this, nor did GTA V, nor did the original Red Dead Redemption. Well, gore is back, for better or for worse.

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I actually found this out kind of by accident. What I mean is that I’d already killed a fella and looted his corpse, but then I decided to take a few cheap shots at the dude while he was staring at the heavens above. As is the norm with us gamers, I took aim for the head and let off a few shots. It doesn’t take much to see something a little graphic, mind you, as one shot to the head revealed the dude’s brain. His flesh was torn out of his skull and his little hillbilly brain was exposed. A couple more shots and I found myself jumping in my seat. Not in joy either, but in shock as the dead guy’s head suddenly exploded after my third pistol shot to the head.

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So there you have it – it just takes a few well placed bullets to remove the head of a stranger. Or a shotgun blast for a one-shot head-pop. Or a one-shot leg-pop; limbs can be completely blown off with the rights tools, too, so bear that in mind before letting little Timmy sit down to play cowboys…

Update: This is a thought I had whilst playing, but only remembered after talking to my dear colleague Stuart. The last time heads could be blown off in a Rockstar game was actually… Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare, the zombie-themed expansion for the original game. Now I may be completely wrong but – BUT – could this be foreshadowing another Undead Nightmare spin-off? Could it be that the developers made this feature with the future expansion in mind? Or could it be that they’re just sick, twisted dicks who wanted to portray the wild west as the horrible place it was? Who bloody knows…

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