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Guide: How To Unlock All Characters in Creed Champions Fast

Cheeky cheating trick is all you need

Big Rumbling Boxing: Creed Champions is out now on console and PC and when you boot up the game for the first time you’ll have half of the game’s fighters ready to go. But what about the rest of them? How do you unlock all the fighters in Creed Champions? How do you get Mr. T’s Clubber Lang so you can lay down the smack on some pitiful fools?

You could play through the Arcade mode and unlock all characters in Creed Champions by working your way through each story mode for every character. This takes a while, though, especially if you struggle with the end “boss” fights. There is a quicker, easier, and less honourable way.

You could cheat.

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If you’ve got a second gamepad, you can go into Versus Mode and enable two-player mode. Simply select any two fighters and then beat yourself to quickly get the next character unlock. You can even alter the rules to make this process quicker.

Bear in mind, though, that you will have to fight a few legit battles. With each Versus fight you “win” you’ll fill up the “Next Unlock” meter and when it’s full you’ll have to fight the new character that will be unlocked. This is still much quicker than going through the game’s story mode, though it’s a lot less satisfying.

For a real challenge and some extra fun, try Versus Mode with a friend of family member to get the benefits of unlocking Creed Champions’ characters quickly, but still having something resembling fun. And if your friend/relative is too good and blocking your progress… jab them in the legs and take their gamepad. Got to get ahead somehow, right?

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