Guide: January 2019 PS4/PSVR Release Dates

Guide: January 2019 PS4/PSVR Release Dates

January is normally a bit of a dry month when it comes to releases, but not this year. January 2019 is chock full of goodies and, because we’re total legends, we’re going to help you keep track of what’s coming each and every month.

Below you’ll find every PS4 and PSVR game confirmed to be releasing in January 2019. Some may not have actual release dates as of yet, but this list will be maintained over the course of the month.

You’ll also find our full list of every game coming this year, sorted by month of course, in this handy article through here. So be sure to bookmark the relevant pages so that you don’t forget when the biggies are coming.

  • Megalith – January 8th
  • Suicide Guy: Sleepin’ Deeply – January 8th
  • 18 Floors 1st DLC – January 9th
  • Hitman HD Enhanced Collection – January 11th
  • Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition – January 11th
  • Holy Potatoes! We’re in Space?! – January 15th
  • Smoke and Sacrifice – January 15th
  • Onimusha Warlords – January 15th
  • The Grand Tour Game – January 15th
  • The Walking Dead Episode 3 – January 15th
  • Smash Hit Plunder (PSVR) – January 15th (Retail re-release)
  • Vane – January 15th
  • Ace Combat 7 – January 18th
  • Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet – January 18th
  • Yiik A Postmodern RPG – January 19th
  • A Fisherman’s Tale – January 22nd
  • At Sundown – January 22nd
  • The Hong Kong Massacre – January 22nd
  • Song of Memories – January 22nd
  • Future Grind – January 22nd
  • Wandersong – January 22nd
  • Life is Strange Episode 2 – January 24th
  • Resident Evil 2 – January 25th
  • Genesis Alpha One – January 29th
  • Kingdom Hearts 3 – January 29th
  • Bombfest – January 30th
  • Desert Bus VR (TBA)
  • Honor and Duty (PSVR – TBA)

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