Guide: NBA Store Locked in 2K21? Here’s How to Fix It

Players are having their patience tested in NBA 2K21 – and not for the usual reasons. A new glitch is giving players a hard time when all they want to do is pick up some sweet swag.

If you’ve booted up your copy of NBA 2K21 and headed straight to MyPark with the best intentions of picking up some new duds, you may have encountered an annoying bug that puts the brakes on your virtual shopping trip.

For unknown reasons, the NBA Store is locked in 2K21. Kind of.

You’ll go in there with a pocket full of coin but you’ll leave without being able to buy a single trinket because everything is locked. It’s like walking into Tesco Extra for some midnight munchies but being told that the crisps aisle is closed for cleaning. Very annoying, but that actually happened to me once.

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Thankfully, there is a simple fix for the NBA Store locking all of its items away. You just need to leave the store and then pop into Swags located right next door. Nip in, say hello – whatever – and then leave right away and head back to the NBA Store and – voila. Problem solved. Don’t ask me how, why, or any other question. Just go back to throwing your money into 2K’s pockets so they can fund Mafia 4 and more BioShock games. You know, real games.

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