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Guide: PS5 Pre-Orders: Where to Get One and How Much to Pay

The PS5 pre-order fiasco has left many fearful that they may not get their hands on a PS5 this side of Christmas. It’s a blunder that Sony has apologised for, but apologies don’t put consoles under TVs. Pre-orders do, and lots of them.

Sony has apologised for fluffing the PS5 pre-orders, but at the same time, the company has promised that more stock will be released to retailers in the coming days. This means that while the initial batch has run out due to no prior warning by Sony, gamers do at least stand a chance at getting a pre-order when the second wave of stock arrives at retailers.

So where can you actually pre-order a PS5? That’s what this guide will tell you. You’ll find the links to retailers below, but you’ll need to act fast once pre-orders are live. We’ll update this article as and when pre-orders go live with different retailers.

It’s important to note that while it may be tempting to pay a little more for somebody else’s pre-ordered console, this is not a practice that anybody should be encouraging. You’ll no doubt see various listings for PS5 consoles on eBay, Facebook, and other online marketplaces, and the prices will be far higher than buying at retail. Please, do not buy one of these consoles as all it does is put money into the hands of scumbags who have bought up stock that should be going to real players. Don’t fall for it. Let the scumbags list their PS5 pre-orders online, and then watch them lose money as nobody buys into the inflated prices.

In North America you should be looking at paying $499 for the PS5 tha comes with a Blu-Ray disc drive, and $399 for the PS5 Digital Edition. You can expect some retailers to charge a few dollars for delivery, but that’s fair enough. Some may even want a small deposit, or even the full cost of the console up-front. Again, a small deposit is normal, as is paying up-front. Just make sure that you’re buying from a reputable source before handing over your cash, no matter the amount. The retailers listed below are reputable, and we would not point you in the direction of a bad place. We’ve got your back!

In the UK, you should expect to pay £449 for the full-fat console, and £359 for the PS5 Digital Edition. Again, you can expect some retailers to tag on a small delivery fee, while others may offer free delivery as part of the package. And, like in North America, it’s not unusual to pay a deposit and/or the full cost of the console as part of your pre-order package. But, and this is a reminder for those in the back who don’t hear so good – check who you are sending your payment to. A lot of scam websites have popped up over the last week to take advantage of those desperate for a PS5 pre-order. Be smart and either stick to the list we’ve got down below, or check in with your local specialist retailers.

North America

Amazon – Current Status: Unavailable

Target – Current Status: Unavailable

Best Buy – Current Status: Unavailable

GameStop – Current Status: Unavailable

Walmart – Current Status: Unavailable

United Kingdom

Amazon – Current Status: Unavailable

GAME – Current Status: Unavailable

Smyths Toys – Current Status: Unavailable

Argos – Current Status: Unavailable

Currys – Current Status: Unavailable

Very – Current Status: Unavailable

This article will be updated frequently to reflect availability.

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