Guide: The 50 Best PSVR Games You Can Play Right Now

11. Darknet

“It may not be the PSVR game that you show off to your friends to make them jealous, but it’s a challenging and addictive puzzler that begs you to play just one more level.” Read the full review.

12. Astro Bot Rescue Mission

“Astro Bot Rescue Mission is a fantastic game from start to finish. There’s really not a lot to complain about, a rarity for me. The music is great, the gameplay is top-notch, and the graphics are some of the best I’ve seen to-date on PSVR. It’s a damn charming game and one of the few I’ll replay to get the coveted Platinum trophy.” Read the full review.

13. Resident Evil 7

“Resident Evil 7 didn’t just take the series back to form, it perfected it. Sure there will be satisfying combat but not before running around for your life filled with dread. The story and plot twists were entertaining as they were interesting and all the scares that came along with it. The voice actors did a phenomenal job and so did the level designers. There was never a time where I felt safe and ready to take on the next challenge. Old schools fans of the franchise will love this outing and is a perfect opportunity for new fans to hop on board. Just don’t burn the midnight oil alone.” Read the full review.

14. Lethal VR

“Lethal VR is a neat simulation that provides mostly accurate representations of a virtual reality shooting range. The tracking works perfectly, except for throwables, and the sound effects bring a nice but minor touch to the realism. The many easter eggs were also enough to make me smile. It’s just that those references went as far as the game’s total content, which isn’t much. You’ll blow through this title in about an hour and anything after that is all about achieving better scores on each level. Still the price point is fair and Lethal VR is another great addition to our PS VR libraries.” Read the full review.

15. Dexed

“Dexed is a nifty little game that’ll get you moving your arms about like a bit of a div, but it’ll also fire up a few brain cells as you try not to bugger it up. It’s not the mindless shooter you were expecting, but trust me when I say that it’s worth a punt at a penny under a tenner.” Read the full review.

16. Light Tracer

“Light Tracer is a puzzle platformer for the PSVR that lets you guide a princess up a tower and change the view at will. The levels are mostly well-designed and creative, but technical and mechanical issues will cause you some trouble while you play. There is still plenty to enjoy here for a PSVR game, and it can be played without worrying about nausea. If puzzle platforming is your jam, and you own a PSVR, you should give Light Tracer a try.” Read the full review.

17. The Lost Bear

“A 2D side-scrolling platformer in VR is an odd mix, but Odd Bug Studio’s The Lost Bear somehow managed to pull it off. The duration is too short, but it truly is like no other title in your collection. If you have an extra 12 bucks in your pocket, you shouldn’t miss this game.” Read the full review.

18. Tiny Trax

“Tiny Trax was a blast for an hour. That’s how long it took me to play on all the circuits available. The gameplay was tight, the A.I. was slightly overpowered, and the positions for your all-encompassing view were a delight to experience. It’s just that there’s nothing more to do here when you finally earn all the gold, first place finishes and are lucky enough to find a multiplayer match. There’s no time trials or extra game modes or any other structured events at all. I found myself growing bored after my third session with the slot car racer. Luckily, during those short playtimes I experienced no motion sickness or discomfort at all. Still, if you are into racers of any kind, this may be for you regardless of length. If slot cars or toy cars were never your thing as a kid, then you probably want to give this one a pass.” Read the full review.

19. Infinite Minigolf

“Infinite Minigolf has the ingredients to make a great little addition to any game collection. There’s a solid offering in the single player, and the Creation Mode will just expand the content exponentially. The only problem is finding the gold may take a bit of digging through the crap. If you’re a minigolf fan, or just a fan of fun, really, then Infinite Minigolf will suit you to a tee.” Read the full review.

20. Skyrim VR

“Skyrim VR is amazing. I’m not the biggest fan of RPGs, and I typically refer to anything to do with elves and orcs as “nerd shit” that’s beneath me. Yet Skyrim VR has pulled me in 100% and I’m ready to get back to my virtual second life as soon as I’ve finished writing this review. Got chicken and rabbit to hunt, yo.” Read the full review.

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