Guide: The 50 Best PSVR Games You Can Play Right Now

31. VRFC

“It’s definitely rough around the edges and it’s not comparable to FIFA or PES, but that’s not a terrible thing at all. It’s a completely new way to experience the beautiful game from the comfort of your living room, and new things always come at a cost. If the player base for VRFC can stay alive, I can definitely see VRFC being a permanent weekend fixture in my house.” Read the full review.

32. Korix

Korix takes the RTS genre and puts its own little twist on it. It’s simple to get into but if you intend to master the intricacies and explore its hidden depths in the multiplayer component, you’ll need to invest some time and really get your tactical mind to work.” Read the full review.

33. I Expect You To Die

“I Expect You To Die is a silly game that doesn’t expect you to take it all that seriously, even if it does expect you to die in some pretty nasty ways. I drowned. I suffocated. I got shot. I had my head taken off by a laser beam. I had a bloody good time. It’s just a shame that it’s over within a few short hours and that the replay value isn’t especially high. Dare I say that I would actually like some DLC for this game? Hell yes.” Read the full review.

34. Fruit Ninja VR

“Fruit Ninja VR is a simple, silly, sword-swinging fun. If you thought it was a blast on your phone, just wait until you strap on your PSVR headset and go to town on those fruity snacks. Just, er, be careful not to whack anyone nearby. They don’t like that kind of thing, apparently…” Read the full review.

35. Eagle Flight

“Eagle Flight is a genuinely awesome game, and not just an “experience.” A decent story mode with the usual collectibles (oh, Ubisoft, never change, darling) and a multiplayer portion that’s proper intense makes this a viable purchase. It might seem a little light on content, but in comparison with similarly priced PSVR games, I can’t really complain. With a few updates to add in a bit more content, this one could be flapping its wings for a long time.” Read the full review.

36. The Brookhaven Experiment

The story is quite meaty and definitely worth playing through more than once, even if it’s just for the cheap thrills. It’s a truly terrifying experience, and now after having been inside a horror game, I don’t think I’m ever going to be wimpering at anything on a regular 2D screen. That’s VR, baby.” Read the full review.

37. Robinson The Journey

“Robinson: The Journey is sure to divide opinion with its slower gameplay and short running time in contrast with its high retail price. Those aside, the game’s a marvel to look at and the audio work is sublime. An action-packed adventure, this is not, but for those who relish exploration and have a keen mind for problem solving, Robinson: The Journey will provide in buckets.” Read the full review.

38. Carnival Games VR

“Carnival Games VR is pretty good the first time, but after you’ve given each of the 12 mini-games a whirl there’s not much else to do. There’s leaderboards, trophies and prizes to collect, but aside from that, there’s not much going for this compilation.” Read the full review.

39. Headmaster

“In the end, Headmaster is pure, simple fun. It’s a basic premise but it was a lot more entertaining then I thought. The experience is definitely enjoyable in slow bursts and even exhilarating in my opinion. However, play it for longer than an hour and the cons will become apparent. As for if it’s a good launch title, I would err on the side of yes absolutely. If you’re a sports nut in particular, I’d say you would get the most out of this VR effort.” Read the full review.

40. Holoball

Holoball made me sweat, and for that I hate it. But it also gave me hours of fun, and for that I love it. It’s the most simple concept in gaming that’s older than myself: Hit a ball back-and-forth and try to score a point. A premise so simple, yet so elegantly executed. Toss in the fact it’s releasing at a fair price and you’ve got yourself a genuine bargain.” Read the full review.

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