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Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator PS4 Box Art is Something to Look At

Aksys’ Guilty Gear Xrd – Revelator is out a little later this year on PS4 – June 7th, to be precise – and Amazon has been waiting patiently to take pre-orders and show off its fancy pictures of the game’s box.

Amazon has listed the game for the standard retail release of $59.99, but if you’re too poor to afford it, at least you can look at the box art and pretty pictures. It’s something, at least.

  • Combo Carnage at the Push of a Button
  • Stylish Type levels the playing field allowing noobs and pros alike to unleash
  • 2D style animation coupled with next gen cell shading techniques obliterate the boundaries between gameplay and anime!
  • Intense brawls, polished graphics and massive amounts of content ensure the fight is never over


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