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Guitar Hero Live Developer Bought By Ubisoft, Activision to Continue Guitar Hero Live Support

This isn’t looking too good for the future of Guitar Hero, is it? Ubisoft posted an update on its blog today to announce that the publisher has added a new studio to its expansive portfolio: FreeStlye Games.

FreeStyle Games, as you may or may not recall, was the developer of Guitar Hero Live that released in 2015. Despite receiving high praise from critics and players for bringing the old franchise back with style, the game didn’t catch on as well as it should have. Activision has now sold the studio to competing publisher Ubisoft, which has now renamed the studio Ubisoft Leamington to create AAA games.

Activision, meanwhile, has stated that the ongoing support of Guitar Hero Live will now be carried out by Activision Publishing: “Activision Blizzard remains fully committed to the UK games industry, and our teams based across the UK. The Guitar Hero TV platform will continue to be supported by Activision Publishing.”

Yikes. We’re not sure that we’ll see a follow-up to Guitar Hero Live, at least not an official one by Activision. That being said, it’s possible that those who are now at Ubisoft may use their musical knowledge to create a new music game to be published by Ubisoft. So, uh, we’re all blaming Brexit on this one, yeah?

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