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Guitar Hero Live Update Version 1.07 is Live

The latest update for Activision and FreeStyle Games’ Guitar Hero Live is now out in the wild and ready to be downloaded.

The new update is version 1.07 and it’ll set you back a mere 322.2MB of precious hard drive space/bandwidth.

So, what’s in the new update? Read the patch notes below and you’ll find out.

Update 1.07

  • Bug Fixes

And that’s it. Bugger. It’s actually not unusual for Guitar Hero Live updates to feature such bare patch notes as the full notes are typically released a day or two later by FreeStyle Games. The last update, 1.06, said ‘bug fixes’ but in fact it actually had a new game mode and a ton of other stuff, too, so here’s hoping that the latest Guitar Hero Live update brings more functionality.

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