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Guitar Hero Supreme Party Bundle Edition is Just a Little Desperate

Activision is soon to announce a brand new Guitar Hero Live bundle in an effort to entice new players to join in the strumming fun this holiday season.

Unfortunately, the bundle is, well, it’s just your regular two guitar bundle with some Guitar Hero TV points thrown in as an extra. The bundle consists of the game, two guitar controllers, and the “bonus” Guitar Hero TV content. The box art for the bundle is a little different to what you would normally see in the discount section of the supermarket (it’s where Guitar Hero Live normally resides these days) as the marketing team behind this great idea thought it’d be genius to point out that there are over 500 songs for players to jam along to. Genius…

In all honesty, we can’t see this really picking up any traction. Guitar Hero Live had its moment last Christmas, but since then its popularity has waned. In all honesty, the physical disc seems a little redundant when 90% of the playable songs are only available via streaming. Surely it would have made more sense to flog the controllers nice and cheap and offer Guitar Hero TV as a free download, you know, seeing as how the online portion of the game is a basically a free-to-play environment…


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