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Gwent’s Microtransactions Teased by Lead Designer

Gwent is fun. Some would even say Gwent is life. How do we know? While playing The Witcher 3 a certain Pure PlayStation author would abandon everything he was currently doing if there were Gwent matches to be played. Ciri still needs to be found? Triss or Yennifer want to seduce Geralt on a unicorn or a lighthouse? Nope. Gots to play the card game. So when a standalone title was announced for Witcher 3’s mini-game that author went crazy. Not even the announced free-to-play model caused him to falter. Designers assured us that microtransactions wouldn’t give people a tremendous advantage. In other words if you wanted to play for free without spending a dime, you would still have fun and do well (based on your skill level of course.)

The other day Witcher 3 and Gwent designer, Damien Monnier, spoke with Polygon about how the standalone mini-game came into being and how it was designed. He also gave us a tease on certain microtransactions in the game. As you guessed it, we’ll be able to buy card packs with our own money. Kind of like the old Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh days but digitally. But with each pack (we assume the basic one) you can choose a rare card, from a specific faction, out of three presented to you. Here’s his statement.

Let me give you an example,” he said. “OK, so we knew we were going to have card packs. You are able to buy packs of cards, and we wanted to do something different where, if you choose to spend money on a game, all we’ll do, is when we work from a pack of cards … first we’ll go see a really cool character and he’ll … show you three cards. This card is 100 percent guaranteed as rare or above. And we say, which one do you want? We let you choose. And you choose one. The other two go away. For me, that’s pretty cool. If I’m going to spend some money and get a pack, I get a rarity guaranteed, and you allow me to pick the card that I want, maybe for the faction that I want? That’s great. I have more of a choice then you know. I still get the gamble afterwards with the randomness, but you let me pick. I like this idea, and we worked really hard to make it work.”

You can check out the full article here. The team has said before that you can also acquire cards by spending in-game currency and winning matches. In their efforts to keep things fair I’m sure you can acquire rare cards in the same manner. Anyone else excited for Gwent? Did you sign up for the beta? Are you happy that there will be microtransactions? Let us know!

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