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Halloween Event Coming to Mortal Kombat 11 Next Week, Masquerade Pack Trailer Out Now

I love this time of year. Halloween is not my favourite holiday, but it usually means that game publishers and developers push out free updates to mark the occasion. They’re mostly throwaway things, whether it’s a character skin, a level being re-skinned for Halloween, but it’s all usually free. And free is good.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and NetherRealm Studios announced their Halloween plans for Mortal Kombat 11 today. From October 25th through to November 1st, Mortal Kombat will be hosting a spooking Halloween-themed in-game event. The time-limited even will see four new boss fights with different Halloween-themed modifiers, such as falling pumpkins, flying witches, gravestones that rise, and even the bad omen that is a black cat. You’ll be able to tackle the bosses and even earn new Halloween-themed consumable, module pieces and other goodies. Not bad for free.

If you want something a little Halloween now, the Masquerade Skin Pack is available today and it comes with themed skins for Jade, Kabel and Liu Lang. The asking price is £4.99, so bear that in mind as it’s not a freebie. There’s a trailer up above showing off the skins, though, so at least you’ll know what you’re buying in to.

Tomorrow will see the release of the new Team Raid multiplayer mode. Team Raid is a free addition to the game, and it’ll bring a new Tower to the Towers of Time mode, which will see players working together as a team to complete challenges and beat the powerful boss at the end. Doing so will drop some sweet in-game rewards into your lap. Plus, you get to play co-op with your mates, and it’s free!


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