Happy PS5 Day!

It’s finally here! Well, for some people it is. But whatever, it’s the first official day of the PS5 being sold to the public, so we’re celebrating it anyway, even if we don’t actually have any PS5 consoles among the team just yet. Bad-preorders and the fact half of us live in Europe means that we won’t be able to post any original PS5 coverage until November 19th at the very earliest, but we’re still going to do our best to keep you informed.

If today is your PS5 day, enjoy it. You’ve likely waited a long time for it to arrive. Chances are that you’ve saved up for a while, too, so you can have a new toy to play with this year, and some new games for it.

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2020 hasn’t been a great year, so if you do have a PS5 in your hands, relish the moment. Forget about the outside world for an hour or two and get your mind blown by the next-generation goodness.

The rest of you who are still waiting until November 19th and beyond, we wait in solidarity with you. But remember: you’ve still got a capable PS4, and most games are available on the last-gen consoles as well as the new ones, so you’re not really missing out on great games, just great ways to play them. Hang in there, you’ll be alright.

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