Hardware Review: GioTeck TX50 Gaming Headset

Whether gorging myself on the seemingly endless bounty of music Spotify presents to me or binging hour upon hour of podcast, audio is almost always flowing into my ears. While far from an audiophile, I appreciate a quality listening experience. Equally, as a student, I appreciate that quality not costing a chunk of my precious loan that would preferably be spent on beer, food and video games.

Thankfully, GioTeck’s TX50 headphones strike a perfect balance between quality and affordability. At an RRP of £29.99, the TX50 is great value for money, both in its study build quality and audio quality. Aesthetically the headset looks very sleek; the minimalist, angular shapes and understated black and orange colour scheme giving them a clean, futuristic look. The slim, poseable microphone is elegant and unintrusive, both in and out of use, and the in-line control, while a little cumbersome, sports the same robust feel as the headset itself. The matte rubber finish adds to the overall attractive look of the headset, ensuring its wearer exudes the minimal amount of goofiness.

This solid construction makes for the headsets best feature, its comfort. Without sounding too much like famed tramp stamper and fascist wunderkind Jeremy Clarkson, the plush Alcantara lining that adorns the thickly padded headband and ear pads is luxurious, making these an absolute pleasure to wear. Hyperbole aside, the headphones are very cosy, and thanks to their lightweight construction I never found them to become uncomfortable making them perfect for long gaming sessions and prolonged music listening alike.

While the on-box spiel that boasts the headset’s 50mm high impact drivers does little to communicate anything about the actual audio experience, I am pleased to confirm the TX-50’s audio quality is very good. Having spent a few hours using them for their intended purpose of gaming with some Borderlands 3 I was left impressed. Clattering gunfire, character quips and rakk screeches are all crisp, cutting nicely above the guttural roars of skags and bassy boom of explosions on the lower end. The roomy ear cups help amplify the sensation of 3D audio, situating your surroundings in a tangible way that enhances immersion.

The TX-50 work well in other situations too. I tested their adaptability to music by listening to Tool’s Pneuma, a deeply layered and sonically dynamic song with excellent production. Here the affordable price of the headphones shows a little, lacking some of the atom-rattling bass or horripilation-inducing treble frequencies found in more high-end models. A similar story occurred when watching a film with some of the lows and high lacking, however, the audio is never tinny but rather can feel a little thin due to this limited range. The headset’s mic, on the other hand, does suffer from the price point, delivering a passable level of quality for online voicechat but otherwise lacking clarity.

GioTeck’s TX-50 is an impressive all-around headset, made all the more impressive by its low price point. The stellar audio quality paired with solid construction makes them an absolute must-buy for anyone after an affordable gaming headset. While sonically they struggle to compare to my pair of AKG headphones, their sheer comfortability may make them my go-to for casual gaming and listening alike.

GioTeck TX-50 PS4 Review
  • Overall - Fantastic - 8/10


GioTeck’s TX-50 headset offers fantastic value for money, giving you both quality and comfort for a very affordable price.


  • Aesthetically attractive design and colour scheme with sturdy build quality.
  • Very good audio quality especially considering the price point.
  • Super comfortable making them perfect for long sessions.
  • Affordable and great value for money.


  • The audio quality of the microphone is passable for voicechat but not much else.
  • Lacks the dynamic range of higher quality models.

Review Disclaimer: This review was carried out using a review unit provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please read our Review Policy. 

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