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Hardware: Rivals on PS4 Updated to Version 1.12

Hardware: Rivals is still getting its fair share of updates on PS4, as evident by the latest such update that went live a little earlier today. Don’t get too excited at the prospect of a new update though; it’s as basic an update as one could imagine.

The patch notes are barebones at best and note that the Hardware: Rivals is now up to version 1.12. The patch notes state the humdrum “bug fixing and general gameplay improvements” that’s been a staple since 1.06 and rivals Guitar Hero Live for the title of ‘Most Unhelpful Patch Notes of 2016’.

We’ve booted the game up and gone a few rounds – mostly in half empty games – and nothing has slapped us in the eyes that screams “I’m new! I’m improved, baby!” so we’re not really sure what’s been improved. It’s still good to see that Sony is supporting the game with updates and such, but at this point, is there any point?

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