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Harmonix Bringing VR Rhythm Shooter Audica to PS VR this Fall

When Harmonix delivers a music/rhythm game, you tend to want to pay attention. When it’s going to be on the PSVR, we’re all ears. Audica is a rhythm shooter, and it’s beats and neon colors will be filling our beloved VR headsets this fall. The game gives you a blaster in the left and right hand, and it’s up to you and your skill to climb the leader boards.

The game will come with four different arenas, a campaign mode, a practice mode (thank you), different blasters, the ability to create your own local target maps, and 30+ songs. Some of those songs are well-known and others were created for the game. I’ll put a screenshot at the bottom to show which ones have already been announced, but that Donna Summer track is calling to me.

Another good rhythm game is certainly welcome on the PS VR. Take a look at the song list, gifs, and teaser trailer to see if you’ll be blasting away in Audica when it releases this fall.


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