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Harry Potter RPG Planned For 2021, Apparently, Announcement Imminent

Dobby won’t be happy because Harry Potter looks like he’s going to return to Hogwarts next year, if a new piece of information is to be taken at face value. But, unfortunately, the RPG re-creation of the Wizarding World will be scheduled to release towards the end of 2021, meaning our journey on the Hogwarts Express is suffering from an even lengthier wait.

However, those of us in the UK are used to railway delays, so I can safely say it’s very realistic thus far because I doubt even magic could put that right!

This will be a completely different adventure to the Lego one we’ve been gifted up until now. Although, Harry Potter and his magic friends suited the brick built look. However, it has also been a long time in the making given the film franchise came to an end a number of years ago now. And that does nothing but build up our expectations – possibly to levels that are hard for developers to reach. At least it’s a way of continuing the series on, introducing a possible new audience to the setting and making another buck along the way.

The launch window was gathered by Jason Schreier at Bloomberg, who was making enquiries over the potential controversy over JK Rowling’s involvement in the game’s development – input described as “very little” by the team. And it was after this that they confirmed that Harry Potter RPG will launch in 2021, having enjoyed its announcement at this year’s DC Fandom event in August; just like the Bat. So, keep your eyes peeled on our site to stay up to date.

Source: Bloomberg

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