Harvest Moon Mad Dash isn’t The Game You Want, Launches October

It’s fair to say that Harvest Moon isn’t the game it once was – what with the intellectual property changing hands and the old team crafting A Story of Seasons. But it looks like the series is going to go even further away from its former self with the launch of Harvest Moon Mad Dash next month.

Not least because it all looks a little like a mobile game on the big screen.

This move is hardly surprising, especially when you compare it to the last game to launch in the series – A Light of Hope. It too was a game that came across more suited to the miniaturised screen, what with its minimalistic approach to living off the land. But at least that game had the sedate good life and some associated mechanics still at its heart.

The same can’t be said for Harvest Moon Mad Dash.

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That’s because it will be a puzzle-based game, where farming is very much the theme not the inspiration.

You and optional friends will be tasked with growing a bounty crop in some questionable sites. So, for example, plant your harvest in colour-coded sequence to earn yourself a composted bonus crop. But don’t overlook the dangers that are lurking around – remember, you’ve picked some pretty inhospitable places to grow your future and can only blame yourself for the falling rocks and lava flows that now threaten you and your five a day.

Other details of the reimagined game can be viewed in the video above, though there is little there to convince fans of old that we are returning to better times.

Harvest Moon Mad Dash launches on to the PlayStation 4 October 29th.

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