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Has Konami Scored Another PES Own Goal?

It’s been a while since Konami took the fight to EA with Pro Evolution Soccer. Especially with the FIFA game holding the rights to the Premier League, and more recently, the Champions League. But it looks as though there’s going to be another feature slipping through their net. One which is currently a hot topic and in vogue.

Women’s football has never been so popular. In fact, the England Vs USA match was the most watched programme on British television this year, so far. Therefore, it’s no surprise to hear that companies worldwide are taking advantage of all the hype and including the sport in their day to day operations, in whatever way they can. However, Konami will not be following suit.

That’s because the studio has stated that women’s football is not a planned feature for eFootball PES 2020. Neither is it in their future forecast. Partly owing to EA’s hoarding of yet another licence, but probably more as a result of non-interest by a number of parties. After all, nobody has complained about it not being present before; surely it’s a little short sighted to change our tunes just because of some publicity?

European brand manager, Lennart Bobzien, told GameSpot, “I personally support the women’s game and have been following the World Cup closely.”

“However we currently don’t have any plans to integrate women into eFootball PES 2020.”

As a female football fan, I can’t say I’ve always thought of it as a must-have feature; just as I don’t expect there to be a female choice of protagonist in every release. Inclusion for inclusion sake doesn’t actually make a positive difference, and instead will only create further calls of inequality (just like boardroom quotas). Neither have I yearned to play as a female player, especially as everyone’s team of choice has been largely, up to now, of the male variety. However, if including it – like EA do in FIFA – inspires a new generation of player (football or gaming, whatever their gender), then there’s no excuse to leave it out.

In fact, the more the merrier, I say.

eFootball PES 2020 launches on September 10th.

PS: blaming its lack of inclusion on licensing restrictions is lame; lack of licensing hasn’t stopped Konami from creating a fully fledged male game has it?

PSS: I wouldn’t be surprised if EA leads with women’s teams this year in their marketing, though a front cover star is still unlikely (but please feel free to prove me wrong!).

Source: Gamespot

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