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Have A Bad Day At The Office With This New CGI Trailer For The Surge

If you thought your job was bad, you should check out what the Surge’s protagonist Warren had to go through on his first day at CREO. Not only does he have to go through the rather invasive medical you see above but the facility he’s working in goes haywire when it’s done, leaving him to use his new exoskeleton for combat against crazed co-workers instead of the mining it was intended for. Wait, does that sound better or worse? Check out the latest trailer for the game above and decide for yourself. 

There’s not much in the way of new information with the new trailer being CGI rather than gameplay based but we know from previous releases that the exo-suit we see being bolted on in this trailer will form the basis of combat in The Surge. As the developers Deck 13 have been keen to emphasize, the core of combat and character progression will be the ability to target certain enemy body parts and then use these parts to augment your own suit and weaponry. The Surge is coming to PS4, PC and Xbox One in May and we’ll hopefully get some new details in about a week’s time when the game is due to be shown off at Parisian press event ‘Le What’s Next de Focus.’ (ooh, what could that possibly translate as?)

We’ll bring you more on the brutal sci-fi brawler as it becomes available. Let us know how you think the game is shaping up in the comments.

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