Have the Most Fun You Can Have With a Straight Line in Linelight

Everyone loves a puzzle game that is simple in design and developer My Dog Zorro’s Linelight is shaping up to be just that. You play as a line called Dash and your only controls are to move and activate color-coded switches. The world around you is made up of nothing but lines with Zen-like music and elegant designs. There will be three hundred levels to complete all within six different worlds. Each world will also have their own set of secret challenges to uncover. The pricing and release date is still yet to be determined but it will be arriving on PlayStation 4s sometime in Q1 2017.

My goal was to take simplification to the extreme, initially for the fun/rewarding design challenge, but eventually because that’s where the most beautiful possibilities dwelled,” says Brett Taylor, founder and lead designer at My Dog Zorro. “Lightlight’s lifeblood is in its elegance: every puzzle and every line serve a unique purpose. When I brought all of the game’s components together (e.g., the music and aesthetics), it all came alive! I hope you have as much fun experiencing Linelight’s elegance as I did creating it.”

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Linelight has also received quite a few accolades in 2016 and you can view them all below.

Gameacon 2016 – Game of the Year – Winner
Bit Awards 2016 – Rising Pixel – Awardee (for the studio, My Dog Zorro)
Bit Awards 2016 – Best Style – Nominee
Bit Awards 2016 – Best PC/Console Game – Nominee
IndieCade @ E3 2016 – Official Selection
PAX East Indie Minibooth 2016 – Official Selection
Different Games Conference 2016 – Official Selection
Sheep’s Meow 2016 – Official Selection
IndieCade 2016 – Game Tasting Spotlight Selection
PlayWell Winter Arcade 2016 – Official Selection
Playcrafting Demo Night Feb 2016 – Official Selection

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