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Heads Up: Don’t Fall for Fake Resident Evil Village Early Access Invites

There’s nothing that criminal types won’t latch on to in their evil quests. The latest scam doing the rounds is attached to Capcom’s upcoming Resident Evil Village.

I’ve had an email today from Capcom PR warning me not to fall for any scams around Resident Evil Village, so I’m passing that warning along because a) I’m a good person and b) I’ve got nothing else to write about for the next 10 minutes.

According to Capcom, emails are doing the rounds claiming to offer Early Access invitations to the upcoming Resident Evil Village, and the email address looks quite convincing as it’s “no-reply(AT)capcom(DOT)com”

These are not Capcom emails and if you get any that claim to be Capcom offering early access to Resident Evil Village – or any other game for that matter – think twice before clicking on any links. In this case, you’re best off deleting the message right away. Don’t click on any links or even images as they could redirect you to harmful websites or initiate unwanted downloads.

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If you’re ever unsure as to whether an email is genuine, question it. Don’t blindly click on any old email that lands in your inbox unless it’s from a trusted, verified contact. If you’re unsure, get in touch with the organisation through their customer support or ‘contact us’ page, or even their social media channels.

Stay safe out there, folks. There’s more than just The Rona looking to ruin your day.

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