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Hear the History of Resident Evil 7 from Key Members of the Development Team

Often, the stories behind our favorite games are as engaging as the stories in the games themselves. One of the most surprising shifts in recent gaming has been the tonal and gameplay changes to the Resident Evil series in its 7th main incarnation. To give you an inside look at the process, Capcom has dropped the first part of a new documentary. It focuses on the game’s director, Koshi Nakanishi, and executive producer, Jun Takeuchi, as they talk about the early direction of the game from its concept stages in 2014.

The video reveals how the development was shaped. Initially, the game was going to continue in the style of Resident Evil 6, but the team (thankfully) could not pull it together. They shifted to a design inspired by Evil Dead with a more intimate feel and, after hearing the complaints of gamers, with a goal of making a survival horror game.

One of the most interesting parts of the video is a story in which Takeuchi describes the design phiolosophy to the team. He compared it to the purity and focus of plain noodles. They would not add in unnecessary spices, but let gamers enjoy the game without a ton of gimmicks.

It seems to have paid excellent dividends. Although it has not met investor expectations for sales, the game has sold well, and it received generally good reviews.

We are enjoying the opportunity to peek behind the curtain at the people, process, and ideas that are central to creating some of the biggest games of the year. We would love to see more of these “Behind the Music” style of videos that answers some of our questions and gives us a greater appreciation for the people who make games.

If you could create a documentary about a game’s development, which game would you choose? What questions would you hope to answer? Let us know in the comments. 

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