Hear the Whispers in the New Vampyr Trailer

A new trailer for Dontnod’s Vampyr RPG hit today, and it focuses on what people in town are saying about the main character, Dr. Jonathan Reid, as he tries to help those impacted by the Spanish flu. Set in 1918, the doctor has just come home from World War I, and he now faces a greater threat – himself. The trailer shows some footage, while the faceless townsfolk gossip about the new doctor in town.

The people he treats are also his treats, and anyone can become a midnight snack. With every new victim (we would recommend he starts with those that are late on their payments), it will impact the world around him. As the game continues, we would imagine the praise he receives will turn to suspicion.

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Dontnod has previously worked on Life Is Strange and Remember Me, and you can see a gameplay video from earlier this year here. We only have a nebulous 2017 release date, but we will be keeping an evil eye on this one.

Just for fun, let us know in the comments who you would recommend he eat first.

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