Hell Let Loose

Hell Let Loose Releasing on PS5 This October

Bring on the brutality of war as hell is raised in this strategic squad shooter.

The intense 50 vs. 50 Second World War strategy shooter Hell Let Loose which was released on PC this summer has finally announced that it will be declaring war on the next-gen consoles, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S October 5th.

Team17 and Black Matter have said that the game will feature cross-play functionality between the two console platforms where players will get an immersive experience of the Western Front-lines across ten maps such as the sands of Utah, Omaha beaches to brutal street-to-street fighting across Carentan, and two incredible game modes, Offensive and Warfare.

With 50 players on either side, players will be broken down into armour, infantry, and recon who are led by officers that have a direct line of contact with the player-commander who has direct control of the flow of the game. This means it will be incredibly important to work together as a task force to defeat the opposing team.

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Inside these different groups are fourteen roles for players to experience from snipers, engineers, commanders, tank crewmen, medics, support and much more for you to get yourself dug into – remember that each has its own important part to play inside the war.

PlayStation 5 owners have also been invited to take part in an open beta event to experience World War Two between the 16th and 20th of September.

This beta will give a glimpse of how brutal the wars will be as both teams fight for victory on the Hurtgen Forest map in Warfare mode. Each side will begin the battle occupying half the map each, then they must attempt to push the enemy back as they secure their land until they can reach the enemy base or hold the most land before the timer runs out.

When Hell is finally let loose, players will also get to experience Offensive mode that brings back the classic attacker, defender game mode – roll on October I suppose.

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