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HellDivers Version 4.03 Has Been Released

HellDiver’s might just be one of the finest multiplayer games the PS4 has to offer and despite the fact that it’s one-hundred percent worth the price of admission Sony decided to just give it away as a part of February’s PS Plus line-up. Well now the game has received its first patch since the give-away and honestly there’s not a whole lot to say.

Version 4.03 adds two new features to HellDivers and contains one fix. Those features come in the form of ‘Assault armour’ and the ‘LAS-13 “Trident” Laser Shotgun’. The fix supposedly stops textures becoming black when players are playing at a low resolution.

That is that, if we come across any more HellDivers related news we’ll be sure to let you know. We’ve also included a screenshot of the patch notes so you can check out version 4.03’s updates for yourself.


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