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Hello Games Reveals All Those No Man’s Sky Patches Deal With Crashes

Regardless on how you feel about No Man’s Sky it’s safe to say that everyone hates those pesky dashboard crashes. Whether you were just loading up the game and viewing all the stars passing you by to warp driving right into a blue screen. It was an issue that consumers were justified in wanting fixed ASAP. Luckily, patch 1.04 was released last Friday and 1.05 was put out three days ago. They dealt with fixing 75% and 87% of the game’s crashes respectively. Not only that but another patch (1.06) is coming later this week that will fix 90% of crash issues.


Sean Murray and his team clearly care about the game and we’re glad they’re not abandoning the exploration title. Let’s just hope that in the near future there will be patches adding things that are missing in No Man’s Sky that were promised.

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