Hello Games Try Again With a Huge and Ambitious New Game

You could say No Man’s Sky failed to meet all expectations at launch, even if many of its faults have been rectified in the time since. But Hello Games are not letting that affect their judgement because they have plans for a huge and ambitious new game, which is in development right now. Whether they are lining themselves up for another fall will have to be seen, though they’ve learned a lot in the process so hopefully that’s enough to keep things from going wrong. Again.

They are keen to stress, however, that this isn’t a sequel to their galactic adventure game – if a sequel would even work in that situation. But Sean Murray is not giving any further details away. No name, no launch window, no theme.

That’s only to be expected for a game that’s in the early stages of development. Primarily because projects like these can easily change track, even becoming something that’s unrecognisable to the initial idea. But also because some games end up in the bin, despite everyone’s best intentions or investment. Therefore, it is far better for all involved to keep their mouths shut until the code is set in concrete.

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And even then it’s best to reel in the hype, as they found out last time…

But are you worried about what this means for No Man’s Sky? If so, don’t worry. That’s because, according to the team, they will continue to support that game for quite some time yet. In fact, there’s still a lot to come. So, wipe that sweat from your brow and go warp to another world to celebrate. No Man’s Sky is going nowhere!

Source: Polygon

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