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Hello Neighbor Franchise Receives $15 Million and Promise of Future Games

As reported by, the publisher tinyBuild will be forming a new developer called Eerie Guest Studios. They purchased the Hello Neighbor franchise, and the new company is composed of members of the development team. It’s unknown how much they paid to acquire the property from Dynamic Pixels, but it’s a part of the $15 million the company intends to use to invest in the franchise.

For an indie game, Hello Neighbor is more successful than you might realize. It’s been downloaded more than 30 million times, and it was the first game announced as part of the PlayStation Indies monthly addition to PS Now. There are books based on the game that have sold more than 2 million copies for an estimated revenue of $16 million. That’s a lot of cash for a game that involves invading your creepy neighbor’s home and avoiding capture.

tiny’Build’s CEO Alex Nichiporchik is taking a longterm view of the indie publishing market with the company’s latest acquisition. He wants to change how the current business is structured by saying:

“Instead of focusing on one-off publishing deals, it’s better to build strong and entertaining brands. That means a large in-house development infrastructure that can support both internal games and external studios.”

Hello Neighbor and tinyBuild are both looking to grow in the future. Eerie Guest Studios will be located in the Netherlands, and it’s always good to hear stories from the gaming industry that talk about more jobs versus a studio shutdown. If you want more Hello Neighbor in your life, it’s on the way.

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