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Hello Neighbour Brings Sneaky, Colourful Horror to PS4 This Summer

Hello Neighbour, the surprisingly colourful horror game from TinyBuild, will be releasing on PlayStation 4 later this year, though there isn’t a solid release date as of yet.

Writing over on the official PlayStation Blog, TinyBuild’s Alex Nichiporchik made the announcement that the game would be releasing on PS4 this summer. No other details were given, though a quick run down of what the game is about was given.

In Hello Neighbour you play as a neighbourhood kid who has spotted a neighbour acting shifty. Very shifty. He’s hiding something in his basement and, because you’re a snot-nosed punk, you want to know what it is. You’ll sneak around and try to get inside the house, then when you’re actually inside you’ll have to avoid the Neighbour who, thanks to the magic of technology, is constantly learning how you play.

Hello Neighbour originally released on Steam late last year where it was critically mauled, though recent reviews after a few updates are a lot more positive. Hopefully the conversion from PC to PS4 is decent; this looks like a horror game this writer could actually play without pissing his pants.

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