Here Are the Near Future Changes Coming to Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 is good. Like really, really good. Just read our review if you don’t believe us on how good it is. Did I mention it’s good? Ok, but seriously we’re pleased to inform you that DICE wants the fun to last. They’ve detailed the upcoming changes to Battlefield 1 regarding maps, modes, and fixes.

First up is a biggie. Hardcore servers are coming. One, if not the biggest, complaint was the lack of servers incorporating the hardcore game settings. DICE is excited to implement them and promises they’re coming very soon. They’re also tweaking the Suez conquest map. They’re changing the layout to make things more balanced and putting in five flags to capture instead of the original three. In addition, flags A and C will have their capture size area reduced and an armored vehicle will be added to each team’s base.


Battlefest for this entry in the series starts November 16th. Like in previous games you’ll complete specific activities, gain log-in rewards, battlepack revisions, community missions, and whatever else DICE has planned. Also, this battlefest will see the introduction of the first, official custom game mode. It’s aptly named Fog of War as you battle your way through heavy fog in a team deathmatch experience. There will be no mini-map and soldier name tags will be disabled. Have fun with that.

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Next a major update will be released for Battlefield 1 sometime this month. It will be filled with “various tweaks and improvements,” adding a rent-a-server-program, and tweak matchmaking and server balancing. Lastly, a brand spanking new map will arrive next month as a free update. It’s called Giant’s Shadow and takes place in the Battle of the Selle of 1918. The open country that serves as the playing field has a massive, crashed airship that casts a huge shadow over the battlefield.


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