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Here Are Your Overwatch Season 2 Competitive Changes

Overwatch’s competitive season 1 is ending very soon. Season 2 won’t start up until next month but game director, Jeff Kaplan, has taken to Youtube to announce a variety of changes. The big ones are as follows:

  • 1-100 Skill Rating was wrong. Season 2 will have 1-5000 Skill Rating points.
  • Blizzard also thought that SR focused too much on just the rating. So there will be tiers such as bronze, silver, gold, etc within the 5000 point allotment. Once you reach a tier you’ll stay there except for the top ranks like Master and Grand Master.
  • ¬†Coin toss will be scrapped in overtime.
  • Time to choose characters has been decreased after the initial match start selection.
  • You can only group up with people who are within 500 Skill Points of you.
  • Skill Rating decay will happen for those in the Diamond, Master, and Grand Master tiers. If you don’t play competitive Overwatch for seven days you’ll lose 50 Skill Ratings every twenty four hours. However, the cap for this is the bottom of Diamond division.

You can check out the full video below. Where did you end up in Season 1 of competitive Overwatch? Did you get into the top five percent like this author? Let us know and brag below!

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