Here is the Intel on Rainbow Six Siege’s Velvet Shell Update

Here is the Intel on Rainbow Six Siege’s Velvet Shell Update

On Tuesday, Ubisoft will drop a the Velvet Shell update for Rainbox Six Siege, and it promises quite a few changes. The first is the new map, Coastline, which takes place in Ibiza, Spain. This will be free for everyone, and it will also include Ubisoft’s two-layer destruction. A new map needs some new operators, and Mira and Jackal are your armed guides. They will be free for season pass holders, and everyone else will have to wait until next week to purchase them.

There will also be visual upgrades. The patch will have new weapon skins, but the player UI will also undergo some big changes. Probably the largest change will be for scopes. Previously, a scope would look different depending on which gun you used. This was due to the desire for realism, but it was also due to how the scope changed position from the third person to the first person view. They have all been changed to be more usable when you are in first person.

There are other general UI changes as well. There is a new play button that will put you back into the type of match you played last, you will be able to push a button to track your challenges, and the news display will provide more info. Even your rank visuals will be changing. Progression will now be from 4 to 1, and it will be easier to see the difference between platinum and silver.

As is the case with any patch, there are many bug fixes as well. You can see all the hefty changes at the game’s official site here.

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