Here’s a PSVR First-Person Shooter With Wicked Potential

We’re pretty much in love with our PSVR headsets, though we have noticed the massive elephant that’s sat in the corner of the room, munching on some elephant-friendly cake: There aren’t any first-person shooters.

Of course we know all about Until Dawn: Rush of Blood and Lethal VR, but they’re not what we mean. No, what we mean by first-person shooter is a true FPS in the fashion that we’ve grown accustomed to. Most, if not all, FPS games on the PSVR have you stationary while the game takes care of moving you around the game’s world, but that could change.

Developer redrad has taken to Reddit to ask the PSVR community what they’d want in a FPS game on for Sony’s sleek headset. The developer has posted a couple of videos – they’re down below – and has even explained how players would be able to use the PS Move wand controllers for movement. It’s ingenious, really, though we imagine it’d take a while to get used to. Here’s an image explaining the controls:


Weird, innit? Though it could work if it was done well. The game doesn’t have a name yet, and by the looks of the videos down below, it’s nowhere near being a final product. Yet we’re captivated by the videos and we’ve watched them at least a half-dozen times. The art style, as explained by the developer, is purposefully simple so that when you fire your weapons and don’t hit a target, you “splatter” paint on whatever you did hit. It looks funky, cool, and like something we’d be happy to play.

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Before you start getting excited, mind, it’s still just a prototype at this stage and the developer has previously come forward with an idea (along with assets) for a VR racing game, though that’s apparently been canned in favour of this FPS which we’re going to refer as ‘Paint Me Dead’. No, that’s not the actual name of the game, though if the developers do end up calling it that then we’ll be knocking on their door to collect our free cup of tea and biscuits. We don’t want much…

Would you play this on PSVR? Do you think the concept is sound, or could the controls be the kick in the balls? Paint a comment down below.

  1. One of the many great thing about new tech is you get all these new ideas being bounced about. Is this similar to the way that other game works. Kill X. I haven’t had a chance to try it as I can’t get hold of any Move Controllers.

    Wouldn’t you say RIGS is a FPS. The game controls superbly. It is nearly First Person as you run and jump about all be it inside a large mech suit.

  2. The controls look good on paper, but in the video it looks like aiming is stil done by a crosshair that is always deadcentre on the screen. That wouldn’t make any sense and would be better to use a DS4 controller. When they do want to use the move controller i would like to aim by pointing with my move controller/hands instead of having to aim by adjusting the camera with the buttons because they use a fixed arm and crosshair that is always in the centre of the screen..

    But maybe it’s just not availlible in the prototype at the moment and wil be implemented afterwards.

  3. I think it’s badfling that there doesn’t seem to be any support for the other half of the PS Move: the analogue stick wand. It’d make thinks a lot easier for developers and players.

  4. This fails. Just bring one with stick on controller. The lightbulb is the right stick that moves. Only the left stick needs to move like a car left is not sideways but turning. Its like planecontrols but thats how it works.

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