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Here’s All the Official Final Fantasy XV Trailers for PS4 (Plus Bonus Anime)

Yes, yes, we are acutely aware that this is the 2983th Final Fantasy XV post we’ve published in the last 24 hours but it’s OK, don’t worry, we’re not becoming a Final Fantasy XV fan site.

During the Final Fantasy XV: Undercover event that Square Enix hosted last night we saw a bunch of trailers and clips relating to the long-awaited game. There’s a few that we haven’t got yet as they’re not officially available and are only viewable as copies of the stream. Not ideal, then.

What we have got for you is every official trailer that was released onto the PlayStation Youtube channel, so you can guarantee that you’re watching them in the best possible quality and not some shoddy rip of a stream. There are four trailers so far, so we recommend getting yourself comfy, kicking back and watching what we’ve all waited the better part of a decade for.

Oh, did we mention there’s also the first episode of the anime prequel to the game? No? Whoops. It’s down at the very bottom. Enjoy.

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