Here’s How to Gain Early Access to Mass Effect: Andromeda

The next tidbit of Mass Effect: Andromeda news is the ability to sign up for early access to its multiplayer betas. There will also be newsletters, early info, and other programs you’ll be apart of. To get started you have to go to Get your EA account and Bioware account all squared away before you begin. Then you’ll be taken through quite the lengthy Q&A process. You’ll be asked about your gaming habits: how long you game a week, how knowledgeable you are in certain games, what systems you prefer to use, and even what your N7 rank was in Mass Effect 3’s online component. You’ll also have to write up why you deserve to be in this early access program and every question matters for your chances. So don’t waste any or not answer them!

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However, you may have a funny bone like us. We were asked to name three games and then say what could have improved them. The response this author gave was the following.


The whole endeavor should take about ten to fifteen minutes. Once you’re done you’ll get the proverbial ‘we’ll let you know if you’re chosen message’. From there it’s all about waiting for more news to drop about Mass Effect: Andromeda on N7 day. We’ll keep you posted as always!

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