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Here’s How You Remote Play PS4 on PC

Today marks the release of the milestone PS4 firmware update, version 3.50. With it comes the wicked ability to remote play from your PC rather than just your PS Vita or dud Sony Xperia smartphone. Seriously, that was a poor decision by Sony. C’mon, get Remote Play going for all phones, damnit!

We’re gonna give you a quick run down of how to get set up with PS4 remote play on PC. First off, you’re going to need a few things:

A PlayStation 4 (Duh…)

A PC (Well, duh…)

An internet connection

A DualShock 4 controller

A micro-USB cable to plug the former into your PC/Laptop of choice.

Right, so you’ve got all your bits and bobs together, or you’ve left this article because you forgot you don’t have a PS4 yet. Hurry up, we’ll wait…

Actually, we wont. On we go.

You’re going to need the PS4 remote play PC app. It’s an easy install and it’s pretty painless as far as these things go. To get the PS4 remote play on your PC, click your mouse here and you’ll be directed to the official download site. Simply hit download and the on-screen prompts will hold your hand through the simple install.

Now head over to your PS4 and make sure that you’ve enabled Remote Play on your console. Chances are that most of you already have, well, those who’ve got a PS Vita at least. If you’re an old-hat to PS Vita remote play, you can just skip this part; your PS4 is already Remote Play enabled.

Next thing you’ll want to do is jam that micro-USB into your DualShock 4 controller (the right way, please) and then stick the other end into your PC’s USB port.

Next, go to the Remote Play app on your PC and click it. In fact, click it twice. Once it’s opened up you’ll get a quick prompt to click ‘Start’ and then once you’ve managed that daunting task you’ll be asked to login with your PlayStation Network details.

The final step… Play! That’s it, you’re all set up and ready to start playing your PS4 games on your PC or laptop. Easy stuff, innit?

Bonus Tips:

Much like Remote Play on the PS Vita, the PC version allows you to choose the resolution and frame-rate that best suits you. You’ll need a half decent connection to be able to play game in 60fps at 720p (sorry, no 1080p with Remote Play). There are a few different options so we recommend tweaking the settings a bit to see what best suits your set up.

How to improve your PC Remote Play connection:

Make sure your internet is actually on…

If possible, have both your PS4 and PC/laptop connected to your network via a wired connection.

If it’s not possible to used a wired connection, try getting your PS4 as close to your router as possible (don’t be daft though, no need to glue them together)

If you’re still having connection issues, check your firewall settings on your PC/laptop. It’s possible that your firewall is having a fit at the fact Remote Play is on PC, or it could even be your antivirus.

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