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Here’s What’s The Division 2 Endgame Content Looks Like

Ubisoft has gone and spoiled the end of The Division 2. Or at least that’s how I personally see it. The publisher has put out a new trailer to detail what players will be doing once they finish the story. You know, the endgame content. The stuff you do once you’ve done the main portion of the game. To me it seems a little daft to just whack it all in a trailer, but apparently it’s what the players want so Ubisoft is providing.

Back in the day, you played the game to find out how it ends. Call me a fool if you like, but I preferred it when the ‘endgame’ content was at least a little surprising instead of it all being spelled out for me before I’ve even got a copy of the game in my hands. Of course, the story isn’t being spoiled, but I can’t be the only one to find it odd that we’re already being told what we’ll be doing once we’ve done the grind to the end, can I?

Once you’ve finished The Division 2’s story, you’ll be taking on a new group of bad guys called the Black Tusk. They’re a nasty bunch who want to take Washington DC for themselves. There’ll be new missions, raids, gear, and loot to… loot? There’s a trailer up above, watch that for the details. I’m going back to shouting at the clouds.

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