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Here’s Why We’re Getting a Saints Row Reboot and Not Saints Row 5

From crackhouse to penthouse, where else could the Saints go?

By now you’ve learned that we’re getting a new Saints Row game next year – February 25th, 2022 – and you’re probably wondering why Saints Row got rebooted instead of carrying on the beloved franchise with a fifth numbered entry. I know. I feel you. I kind of wanted a Saints Row 5, too.

There are some good reasons for the change in direction, though, and I recently sat through a presentation with the game’s developers where they explained the reasoning behind doing a reboot instead of Saints Row 5.

Volition explained that it is time for the series to grow up a little bit and change with the times. That’s not to say the game won’t be humour – the comedy is still tonally in line with the series – but it’s going to be different. The developer explained that the stories they’ve told in the past just wouldn’t stand up to today’s audiences.

The new game will have a more contemporary story and a bigger focus on its cast while still being balls-to-the-wall crazy, but it’ll be a little bit more believable. This ties in to the reason for a complete reboot.

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Volition explained that the series had nowhere else to go. From the humble crack house in the original Saints Row to the White House in Saints Row 4, and then to saving the galaxy as a superhero, where else could the series actually go? They sent us to hell with the Gat out of Hell expansion, but really, where else after that?

The only logical option was to opt for a reboot and a fresh slate with a new cast, a new city, and a new approach to the open-world comedy crime game. And that is why we’re getting a Saints Row reboot instead of a Saints Row 5.

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