Here’s Your First Look at the PS5 Home Screen and Gameplay

Sony has finally come up trumps with a new video detailing the PS5’s home screen – and much more.

The new video, which runs for over 10 minutes, gives us a look at how the system looks when it’s turned on, and it’s a departure from the PS4, that’s for sure. The login screen is simple but elegant, and jumping straight back into a game is shown to take just mere seconds.

There’s a lot to see and plenty of information to digest, so the video is well worth a watch if you’ve got the time to spare. For some, though, it’s going to be a painful reminder that they’ll not be seeing this for themselves this side of Christmas.

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There are still stock shortages and, unless you pay a scalper a ridiculous amount of money, getting a reasonably priced PS5 console is proving to be nigh-on impossible these days. Fingers crossed that more stock becomes available in the coming weeks…

Source: PlayStation Blog

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