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Here’s Your Free PS Plus Games for June

June is knocking on the door and that means more PS Plus games are coming our way. Sony has announced today exactly what we’ll be able to download for free as part of the PlayStation Plus program.

On PS4 there’s NBA 2K16 which is bound to go down well in North America but us folks here in the UK and Europe aren’t really that much into the ol’ ball and hoop. Still, better than nothing, right? Then there’s Gone Home: Console Edition which is an interesting enough title that’ll probably entertain for a while.

On PS3 there’s Sire: Blood Curse, a horror game that’ll have you changing your knickers every few minutes, and Echochrome, a game we can’t even be bothered to Wikipedia. After shouting the name of the game out loud, one person has informed us that it’s “alright,” so, yeah.

PS Vita fans have another poor month with God of War: Chains of Olympus which originally released on the PSP. It might have been a great game back when the PSP was in the pocket of every school kid with rich parents, but these days it’s just not up to scratch with what the console is capable of doing. Then there’s Little Deviants which, according to the disembodied voice, is also “alright”.

So, that’s what you’re getting for your PS Plus in June. Like it or loath it, you’ve not really got much of a choice.

Are you happy with this month’s PS Plus offerings, or are you ready to defect to the other side? Don’t be so hasty down in the comments section below.

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