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Hero Defense Gets a New PS4 Release Window, Playable at PAX East

Headup Games and Happy Tuesday have announced today the Hero Defense has a new release window. The game will now release on PS4 in Q2 2018, though an exact release date has not yet been finalised. The press release does mention that a release date will be announced “soon”.

You may be wondering what Hero Defense is. We were when the email dropped into our inbox. Thankfully, Headup Games has provided a brief breakdown which you can find down below:

  • Kill creeps fast to punish the enemy in an innovative mix of RTS and Tower Defense
  • Liberate your island, assemble your team and enjoy hours of a narrated story
  • Defeat gigantic bosses which challenge you with their special abilities
  • Customize your heroes through a deep RPG layer
  • Rebuild your town and unlock new buildings and abilities
  • Gain XP to access and level up each hero’s individual skill tree
  • Gather loot and equip spells that freeze, burn and poison the undead
  • Modify weapons by collecting and socketing powerful runes and customize your builds for devastating combos and skill-synergies
  • Replay procedurally generated enemies and endless mode challenges

If you’re a tower defense/RTS fan, this is one to watch. If you happen to be strolling by PAX East in Boston, you can get a look at the game in action by heading over to booth #14129. Not a bad way to kill some time.

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Headup Games Press Release

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