Hey, Xbox Friends! Don’t Sleep on DIRT 5 When It Enters Gamepass!

DIRT 5 is one of the best racers available on next-gen consoles, though that’s not really saying much as we’ve had a total of… two. But it’s good, and it’s a great bonus for Xbox players.

What’s this? A callout to “the enemy”? No, you plonker. There are no enemies, just friends in different places.

If you’re an Xbox player who has stumbled upon Pure PlayStation, either by chance or by way of our amazing SEO work (not bloody likely…) then I’ve got something to say to you:

DIRT 5 is worth every precious gigabyte, and even more so on Xbox Series X|S.

I reviewed the game last year on PS4 Pro and I was blown away. Then when I finally managed to get my hands on a PS5 (without putting hands on any people) I gave Codemasters’ racer another shot. And yes, it was even better. Obviously.

The fact that you’re getting DIRT 5 as part of a fairly cheap monthly subscription is amazing, and so soon after release. It’s been, what? Four months? Most people wait four months for a bit of a discount on the latest games. You lucky sods.

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DIRT 5 is easily the best next-gen racer at the moment – the other is WRC 9 – and it’s got a bit of everything. You get offroad races, track races – lots of races, basically – a really nice progression system, online multiplayer, and the endless fun that comes with the new Playgrounds mode.

Mind you, while it’s cool you’re getting this included in Gamepass, I’m a little gutted you won’t be able to feel the game in the same way as PS5 players can. The DualSense controller is used really well in DIRT 5, and for me, it made my day when I played it for the first time on PS5.

So don’t sleep on this one. This is a Gamepass game you MUST try out. It’s so easy to overlook a lot of what goes onto Gamepass (I know because I’ve got a dozen games downloaded and never touched), but do yourself a favour and make sure you give this one a go.

Right, truce over, Xbots. 

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