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Hideo Kojima is Already Working on Concepts for His Next Game

Death Stranding

What did you do on Christmas Eve? You probably sat with your family and enjoyed some time together. Not Hideo Kojima. No, that lad was pulling a shift on his laptop instead of getting festive.

The head of Kojima Productions revealed in a tweet that he was originally planning to go to the cinema to watch Last Christmas, but in fear of being ridiculed for being a lonely old man going to the movies alone, he stayed home and started working on concepts for his studio’s next game.

There’s no actual content to see in the tweet, aside from an image of his desk and a blank word document. His desk is littered with literature, though, and perhaps they’re hints towards what his next game will be about? Who knows. He could say it’s going to be a tennis game and we’d still not understand it.

Could the next game be Death Stranding 2? Maybe. It could be anything, though, and we’re best off just waiting to see rather than trying to guess what goes on in that guy’s head.

Source: Twitter

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